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We are tracking the great work others are doing in the field, here are their most recent blog posts

Source: Managed by the Federal Aviation Administration,, the federal government website tasked with helping agencies write better for those it serves needs renewed...


Leaders from 18F and the White House Presidential Innovation Fellowship program presented at the 2015 Lean Startup Conference on “Lean Methodologies When the Organization is the Product,...


I’ve been using Slack for a while now to follow government and civic technology news and, while it’s mostly a tool for team communications, the integrations features make it a great way...


The end of the year is a great time to look back and reflect. All aspects of our digital society change at a faster pace every year and how local governments serve their municipalities is no...


Digital Engagement at the 2015 IAP2 North American Conference

Today Is European E-Participation Day

The war against crap software

Effective Number of Issues (ENI): New Indicator Aims to Measure the Efficiency of Consultations

Knight News Challenge: Online Deliberation For Informed Community Problem-Solving

Back in 2013, we threw out an idea during the inspiration phase of the Knight News Challenge on Open Government. It wasn’t really core to what we’re doing here at Intellitics, so we didn...